Kiwi by Harry Styles

1/4 of my Thesis lyric video motion studies. This song feels like pent-up emotion. The way he yells so rapidly towards the listener always gets me pumped up. This is probably one of the only hard rock songs I have on my playlist. It required a grunge aesthetic and very rapid movements. The background vocals and instruments are an important underlayer to the song that I wanted to make sure that I hit. Enjoy :)

What I learned?

This study taught me that you don’t need to ease everything all the time. I started by easing every key frame that I made. With the song being so fast paced, this felt too forced and unnatural. I scalled back and only eased the larger actions that were given the time to let the easing shine. 

The Process


My process started by mindmapping while listening to the song, Kiwi, on repeat.

Some key takeaways were that the song was very fast passed, he was yelling at the listener, and there is a grunge texture and feel that I wanted to apply to the lyric video.


I thought this mix of an elegent script font with a plain san-serif felt like it represent New York. The piece feels like it needs grain and texture.


I started to map out how I wanted each composition to look. This included choosing the right fonts and image treatment to match the mood that I was trying to acomplish.


This allowed me to see if my vision felt right matching up the frames with the song. Overall I felt like it acomplished what I hoped, so I moved on with making the final video.