Boyfriend by Selena Gomez

2/4 of my Thesis lyric video motion studies. This song felt like an advertisement. I chose to only use text because of it. She seems to be reaching out to the listener and asking for them to relate in her search. The stretching of type from the top of the type to reveal the words felt like it fit with her call to action. Overall this song feels funny & moody & a little bit desperate. Enjoy :)

What I learned?

This study taught me about the importance of positioning anchor points. I wanted the words to scale down from the top center of each word, so the anchor point needed to match that desired location. I also played with a blur that was unfamilar to me in order to get the glow that was in the desired aesthetic.

The Process


My process started by mindmapping while listening to the song, Boyfriend, on repeat.

Some key takeaways were that the song was kinda funny in manner, it had a bouncy feeling, and felt like an advertisment of her intentions. This lead me to make the decision of compositions with just type.


I wanted it to feel moody and dark. The compositions should be made up of only a serif type. I also enjoyed the stretched type example to show the desperation or longing for a partner.


I started to map out how I wanted each composition to look. This included choosing the right fonts and image treatment to match the mood that I was trying to acomplish.


This allowed me to see if my vision felt right matching up the frames with the song. Overall I felt like it acomplished what I hoped, so I moved on with making the final video.