4/4 of my Thesis lyric video motion studies. This song feels like you have just woken up from a dream. Calls are coming at you and you keep going back and forth on your decision to answer. The text comes on and off of the screen rapidly and smoothly with match-on-action transitions to match this conflicting emotion. Enjoy :)

What I learned?

This study taught me that transitions between words, can be simple. It helps if you match the action-in with the action-out so there is a smooth transition between frames. Again, I followed a previous tutuorial from my motion teacher and applied what I learned into this study.

The Process


My process started by mindmapping while listening to the song, 3AM, on repeat.

Some key takeaways were that the song felt like you were making a bad decision. It’s late, and you are tired, so you are trying to wake up enough to think clearly.


This is what I followed previously and I took heavy inspiration of the methods employed here, matching it up to the music and applying the language and imagery needed for my compositions.