Another Man’s Jeans by Ashe

3/4 of my Thesis lyric video motion studies. When listening to this song, I imagine someone writing in their diary. They have broken up with their ex and are contemplating seeing them again. As Ashe rehashes the good and the bad, the text animates on screen as if it were drawn in camera in many illustrative styles. Enjoy :)

What I learned?

This study taught me how to draw type onto the screen in After Effects. My motion teacher previously had given us a tutorial on how to do this. But for that, I followed what she did exactly. Now I had to put it into action on my own compositions. I also learned about adding turblent displacement and posterized time from my classmate, Sam Pickett.

The Process


My process started by mindmapping while listening to the song, Another Man’s Jeans, on repeat.

Some key takeaways were that the song seems like a diary entry where Ashe is talking herself in and out of seeing her ex again. It seemed like she was rehashing the good and bad parts of the relationship.


I wanted it to feel like Ashe was writing in her diary or journal. The type would draw on in After Effects like the person was drawing it onto screen. 


I started to map out how I wanted each composition to look. This included choosing the right fonts and image treatment to match the mood that I was trying to acomplish.


This allowed me to see if my vision felt right matching up the frames with the song. Overall I felt like it acomplished what I hoped, so I moved on with making the final video.

︎︎︎In-Camera Test

I thought to myself, why try to make it look like it is In-Camera, when you can just do it In-Camera? Well, because it is hard to get it right. My biggest issue was the speed of the song. When I started to match things up everything was too quick and it didn’t feel natural. It was a good test, but it could only be a test.


In this tutorial, I learned how to make something draw onto screen, and took that information to create each frame.