Detroit Public Library Rebrand

In collaboration with Hailey Swiatowy.

What is a library?
We define it as… “An accessible, free, community resource throughout the city that is a source of knowledge & support for a wide range of areas. With emphasis on family outreach and education.”

GOAL We will broaden the audience’s perception of what a library is and can be, sharing the vast resources and scope of what a contemporary library is.

MISSION “The Detroit Public Library enlightens and empowers people by providing diverse and dynamic pathways to literacy and learning.”

A safe, inviting, information-rich facility and community resource.

PROMISE To be an inviting and inspiring community hub (both visual & physical) accessible to all ages, genders, races in the Detroit community.
FALL 2021
Research, Brand Development, Assets including Exterior & Interior Signage, Print Material, and Merchandise

Exterior Signage
Print Material


Event Promotional Material

Interior Sinage

Social Media

Aspirational Exterior Kiosk and Community Hub

The Process

This rebrand involved an extensive research process including a complete brand audit, semantic differential, persona creation, mind-mapping, moodboarding, language development, and brand positioning.

︎︎︎Step 1: What is a book?

︎︎︎Step 2: Explore the Main Library

︎︎︎Step 3: Interview a Librarian

Q, a very helpful DPL librarian, hoped that we could:
-Highlight the things that people don’t know about like other resources other than books
-Reverse the misconception of what a library is and provide a clear definition to the public
-Emphasize that libraries aren’t going anywhere
-Support that libraries are all about the people

︎︎︎Step 4: Sketch

︎︎︎Step 5: Create!