Honda Wrong Way Scenario

This team project was sponsored and presented by Honda. The goal of the project was to explore an emergency response alert system within a semi-autonomous vehicle, driving in a wrong way scenario. Each team was assigned a different audience and ‘wrong-way scenario’, ensuring varied outcomes under the larger project scope. Teams of three or four were formed.

Honda ranked my team as first place, based off of our inventive ideas and overall understanding of our scenario.

Team Concept

My team mates were Madie Graham and Hailey Swiatowy. We were given the scenario of a young 17y/o driver turning the wrong way on a one way road. To tackle the scenario we mindmapped, made lists, bodystormed, iterated and tested our ideas.

17 year olds are new and relatively inexperienced drivers. As they are new drivers, they tend to be semi-anxious while driving. Typically, they have  2-3+ people in the car with them because of their new found freedom and to have an extra eye. This age group is especially prone to using voice commands and streaming music as they get to their destination.

We wanted our interface to be personal and humanistic so that, even when there is no one in the car with them, the car seems like a comforting passenger going on the drive. We incorporated this through human voice feedback that can be called on for help or is automatically played in a needed situation. It was also important that our system was collaborative. This means that not only does the passenger get involved, but the car is also involved in getting in and out of situations. The system also needed to be context aware. This means not only is the car aware of the surroundings through V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) communication, but is also aware of the stress levels of the driver and passengers  so that it can adapt, to not stress out the driver even further.

Presentation Outline︎︎︎
Preventive Headlight Projection︎︎︎

AI Introduction: Solo Mode︎︎︎
AI Introduction: Collaborative Mode︎︎︎

Solo Driver Mode: Low Risk︎︎︎
Solo Driver Mode: High Risk︎︎︎

Collaborative Mode: Low Risk︎︎︎
Collaborative Mode: High Risk︎︎︎

Collaborative Interface︎︎︎

The Process

Initial Mindmaps/ Sketches

Physical BodyStorming to Test Our Ideas

Development of Simple App