The Scientific Study of UFOs

The original document of The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward U. Condon was an undesigned study published in 1969. The redesign of the original document was completed with advance development in InDesign within seven weeks, focusing on exhibiting the unusualness associated with UFOs.  The study included diagrams, tables, stories, and data; all of which were redeveloped.

The provided text was attentively groomed and placed, dividing up the book into digestible sections over the course of 358 pages.  UFOs are unexplainable, so the headings were treated with a scaling character width to reflect the quality of a UFO’s irregularity. To maintain consistency within the system, the photographs were divided up with a similar scaling width. The bright accents of lime green paper divide up the book for pacing and yet again re-enforce the UFOs unnatural quality.

Every page is consciously designed with hierarchical decisions to allow the reader a fluid experience.

FALL 2019

Poster Design

An accompanying poster was also designed and layed out using diagrams from the book. These diagrams were redeveloped from the original undesigned document.

The Process