National Cherry Festival

The National Cherry Festival’s purpose is to celebrate and promote cherries, community involvement, and tourism of Grand Traverse region. The festival provides economic benefits throughout the Northern Michigan. Michigan produces 75% of tart cherries grown in the United States with the Grand Traverse region producing over half of those. This family friendly event is hosted every summer during 4th of July week/weekend. Each year over 500,000 people turn out for the eight day festival. There is something for everyone with over 150 events and activities, 85% of those are free.

In order to promote the Cherry Festival, a poster and digital component were developed that allures, informs, and engages an audience to the event. These two pieces collectively are a part of a unified system that promote a family friendly event for people of all ages and promote that there is something for everyone with over 150 events.

The printed poster was designed to highlight the many different events of the National Cherry Festival and attract a guest of any age. The designs also allude to the different varieties and colors of cherries and as a whole make up the system of three posters. Circles are also associated with cherries and are used throughout the system as a subtle nod to the fruit.

Digital Component

︎︎︎Below is the digital component for the event.  

The digital poster highlights how many events there are with a grid made up of roughly 150 photographs. By bringing individual photographs from the cherry festival instagram to the forefront, the piece is able to grab the viewers attention and invite them to look further into the other possibilities of activities they could enjoy if they attended the festival.

The Process

Mood Board and Inspiration

Evolution/Discarded Poster Designs