Dua Lipa Concert Promotion

The world has changed due to protocols of the global pandemic. This has caused many in-person experiences to make the shift to virtual spaces. The challenge for this project was to create & brand a hybrid event, focusing on raising interest, awareness, and engagement.

Dua Lipa is pop music’s newest superstar. She has been gaining a lot of traction over the past few years and has many very recognizable songs. She also happens to be one of my favorite artists. Like many artists, her newest album, Future Nostalgia, came out during the pandemic and wasn’t able to be promoted in typical fashion. For this fictitious event, a single concert for Dua’s newest album would be with a limited in-person audience in Detroit, while the rest of the world tunes in to celebrate virtually. Using bright eye catching colors, 3D projection mapping of her music videos onto type, and a 3D constructed disco ball engages the audience, both in-person and virtual, into celebrating Dua’s album.

FALL 2021

Show Intro︎︎︎
Show AD︎︎︎

Poster Mockup︎︎︎

The Process