Detroit Education Kit

In collaboration with Jessica Kuhlman.

The Detroit Public Education System has changed a lot throughout the years. During Detroit’s development, the Detroit Public School (DPS) system had too many students, and not enough schools. During the past 30 years DPS has too many schools and not enough students. This occurred from multiple factors including the creation of school of choice, charter, and magnet schools to name a few. Through extensive research, we also discovered that Detroit Public Schools have a high drop out rate. Sadly, there has been a decrease in graduation rates since the 1960s and many kids do not continue their education after high school. This is due to many complex factors, which a lot of the time the kids have no control over. In order to combat this issue, my partner and I created a kit to inspire kids to stay in school. In addition, the kit helps to prepare a child for a future career.

The kit is designed to match skill sets with multiple career paths supporting the teens next steps. In addition, a guided journal is given with prompts for each individual child to answer throughout the process giving them a place to vent their issues and discover who they are on their own.
ROLE: Research, Execution

Initial Research Posters︎︎︎

The Process